Labná in the Yucatán

09 de Octubre 2015

It is part of an archaeological site with Kana and Sayil. Labná is south of these sites and is characterized by its castle and triumphal arch, whose architectural style contrasts with that found in other Mayan cities.The name Labna means "old house".The archaeological site Puuc' influence manifested in its architecture and the remains indicate that it was a large complex.
Labná in the Yucatán
The site is located in the Late Classic and has evidence of settlements from the Early Classic, giving a date range from 300 to 1000 AD.

The buildings have columns that adorn the entrances, continuing with underground rooms. This style of the columns is evident mainly in the building's main entrance.

The Castle of Labná

Among the buildings of the complex, still exists half a buried pyramid , whose crest is seen in good restauration.
This pyramid is called Labná Castle and is located a few meters from the Arc Maya at the end of the SACB.

Sacbé and the Trimphial Mayan Arch

It has a "sacbé" that connects the complex. This is a colored stone pathway street. However, the architectural element that is striking in it, is the arc Labná , called by many as "Arc de Triomphe Maya.


This is a solid horizontal bar with two ornate ends with a sober contrast to the center arch. These extremes of the Arch have entrances leading into inner chambers,whose entry is the only access, having no outlet on the other side.

Between these two rooms, is a decorated linear arch truss concave ceiling that leads to an area devoted to ceremonial events. For this reason the cross has been magnified, and has been compared with the Roman triumphal arch.

In some ways, these same ends that flank the arch and are located on a platform of four steps seem incomplete. Columns today are confused with the facade of the church-like spaces, for the images on its facade.


How to arive at Labná

From Merida it can be reached via Mani - Oxkutzcab or by Uman - Muna - Uxmal. We recommend the first option to make the full path including Xlapak, Sayil, and ending at Uxmal Kabah to return to Merida.

All these archaeological sites are part of a string that one can travel comfortably in a single day. You can find lodgings and hotels in the same circle, or end in some great choices in Uxmal.

Por: Vagabundo

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